Authority Magazine published an online interview they did with me on the topic of giving feedback.

Magazine Interview here

In the interview, I share a few stories about coming up at Microsoft and talk about how I approach giving feedback at work.

I cover this topic in a little more depth in these two articles:

Coaching people can be so draining because it inevitably involves telling someone you like and see every day, “Hey, here’s something you need to improve.”  You’re not sure how they’re going to react.  And on a human level, it’s uncomfortable.  But if you’re a manager, you must do it.  In fact, not giving feedback is management malpractice.

I hope this interview and the supporting articles give you some insights and help ease the path towards providing good feedback.


In 2018, I published my 11 most important lessons from Microsoft email, and over 25,000 people read it and forwarded it to their friends and colleagues. Many people asked me to write in more depth about the topics in the email, so that’s what I’m doing at 

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